“Welcome to Wordsmith Healing Arts!”

Welcome to Wordsmith Healing Arts, where we work with words to heal. Using words with intention is the greatest of all healing modalities. We all know that hurtful words can harm us emotionally, but did you know that they can harm us physically. Modern medicine has already accepted that stress causes most illness and disease, but how do you recover from that harm?

See the Services page to see what methods we use to help you learn to heal deeply inside and out.

If you want to learn more email me at leannlarson3@gmail.com and I’ll send you easy to understand an ebook about what energy healing is and help you answer the question, “Is Energy Healing for Me?”

our customers say it best:
  • My shoulder was locked, painful and swollen. I could not return to work and I could not sleep from the pain. LeAnn did one session on me and by the evening the swelling was gone and I could move much more. I went to work again the next day and in two days I was singing and cleaning the house for hours. It is so awesome!–Julie Kyer Hutchins

  • I was in tremedous pain in my stomach and abdomen. I kept going to doctor after doctor and no one came up with a solution or an explanation. I thought I was going to die at times. LeAnn did one session for me and felt the need to look up my medication side effects. This turned out to be a huge part of the problem and I got off them! –Glenn Ameling

  • I was having anxiety attacks nearly every day. I would cry and make myself sick thinking about all the bad things that could happen. It was making my marriage unbearable for both of us. I was rarely feeling happy about anything. LeAnn did a session for me and by the end of the session I felt such a huge relief that I was laughing and smiling. What an amazing gift! I thank you. My husband thanks you!–Pam Fowles.

  • I have suffered from depression and anxiety nearly all my life. The emotional and physical abuse that I endured as a child and again as an adult were keeping me from being able to cope with anything, even when nothing was wrong. I was always wanting to run away or take my own life. Terry has done several sessions for me and I can really tell that I am getting much better. The anxiety attacks are far less frequent and my life is much better as a wife and mother. –Tanya Goodman

  • I have suffered PTSD since I was a child from the frequent beatings I received at home. As an adult my health was terrible, my marriages were repeating the same life I had as a child. I was gaining weight, eating for emotional reasons. I became diabetic and weighed 450 pounds. I used herbs to take some of the weight off but when LeAnn started to do Body Code sessions on me, it all went away and I now feel peace like never before and my health is getting so much better. –Terry Larson


Versitile and Convenient

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Three Easy Steps

1. Let us send you two free ebooks about how we can help you. After your review them…
2. Email us and ask for our prospective client interview form. Fill it out and send it back. 3. Receive a free online consultation with Terry or LeAnn and we will explain exactly how we can help you and what you an expect from us.


Whether you suffer from depression, learning or behavioral issues, sleep problems, relationship issues, PTSD, Autism Spectrum, inherited generational abuse, low self-esteem, or even bad luck, our state-of-the-art energy healing techniques can help you release that imbalanced energies that is keeping you from reaching your highest potential.

Physical Problems

Pain of all kinds has an energetic foundation. Long term, or short term pain can be released by finding the underlying energetic causes. Old injuries that don’t heal or don’t heal correctly can also be helped as well. Even diseases such as cancer and diabetes have energetic foundations that can be balanced.