“State-of-the-art Energy Healing.

We are a state-of-the-art energy healing company. Everything is made of energy, the world, the air, our bodies, our emotions, experiences, DNA, almost EVERYTHING! We can help you resolve those issues that are keeping you from fulfilling your greatest potential.

General Info

About Energy Medicine

  • What is Energy Healing?
    In Chiropractic, you move hard and soft tissue to encourage healing. In allopathic medicine, doctors use medication and surgery to encourage health. In acupuncture you stimulate energy meridians with magnetized needles. In Energy Medicine you work with the energy systems of the body. Everything is made of energy. In an atom there are only two elements, physical matter and energy. That energy has intelligence, which tells it what it is and what it should do and were it should be in the molecule. Cutting edge science (when neurologists and physicists got together to create ways to measure the body’s energy systems) has now proven that the body does in fact have chakras, an aura, and energy meridians. We work with these energies that tie the body and the spirit together into what makes all of you work. When the energy system has an imbalance, it creates disease, pain, emotional and mental problems and so on. We can communicate with your energy system to find and balance those energies that are creating unwanted situations.
  • When is Energy Healing right for physical problems?
    Energy Healing is amazingly versatile. It can be used for a wide variety of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues. For example with cancer, you can use energy healing to balance the underlying causes of cancer. Cancer can only exist in an anaerobic environment. Some energy imbalance created the situation where the cells were not able to sustain their perfect function. While it does not ‘cure’ cancer, it can repair the underlying energetic causes of the cancer, making it far more likely that the body will heal itself. It cannot be used to diagnose cancer for any questions of if or where there is cancer. The body’s energy system does not recognize the word “cancer”.

    Diabetes, on the other hand, is a word used to describe a number of symptoms. It’s causes are a number of factors, especially the body’s inability to produce insulin. In this case, because more than one organ and glands are involved, removing imbalanced energies from those glands and organs can reduce so many of the symptoms that the diagnosis of diabetes is no longer accurate. This is true of a great many illnesses. It’s been our experience that the imbalanced energies in the immune system, pancreas, adrenal glands, stomach, bowels, kidneys and others are imbalanced enough to cause diabetes. Certain emotions tend to gather in them and they stop functioning as intended. Clearing trapped emotions and imbalanced energies from them creates an environment that allows the body to function in a healthy way.

    There are also physical issues such as locked joints, injuries that don’t repair, inherited traits such as fallen arches that can be relieved with energy medicine. Very often, injuries that don’t heal properly or retain the feeling of pain long after the injury has healed are generally trapped emotions that remain unresolved. Removing those trapped emotions more often than not, releases the pain and allows healing to continue. If you are needing regular chiropractic care such as every month or more, imbalanced energies may be the reason why your adjustments don’t stay adjusted. Emotion Code and Body Code were developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a chiropractor who was frustrated that his adjustments didn’t stick. Once he learned to identify and clear those emotions his clients healed faster and needed far fewer adjustments.

    Energy work is not used when a body has a life threatening situation such as MRSA, an open bleeding wound or broken bone for example. the only place to go is a hospital or doctor. There is a time and place for all kinds of medical help. It’s up to you to decide what you will do in those situations. After the emergency is dealt with and the person is safe, energy work is an excellent way to reduce the long term effects of trauma and injuries tend to heal faster.

  • What can energy medicine to do for my mental or emotional illness?
    Energy healing is extremely effective in reducing depression, anxiety, learning difficulties, phobias, blockages, attractions to harmful relationships and more. Emotions, thought, decisions, repeating patters in one’s life, are all made up of energy. These trapped emotions come from experiences in your own life, or they can be inherited from our parents and ancestors. The ground breaking science of epigenetics is shattering all the rules about what we thought we knew about DNA. It is now known that emotions and imbalanced energies can change DNA, even switch parts of DNA off. Memories, such as trauma from war, famine, tragedy are passed on through the DNA. These do not show up in the DNA chain but rather remain passed generation to generation with an invisible energetic layer that contains a great deal more information than does the physical chain itself. Energy healing can identify and clear traits and genetic information that are responsible for additive behaviors, generational abuse, phobias, and self disructive patterns. It is also wonderful for helping resolving situations like chronic depression and learning disabilities.
  • What can Energy Healing do for Spiritual problems?
    It’s amazing, but a great deal of who and what we are is spiritual. The ability to understand good and bad, right and wrong, sin, forgiveness, compassion, anger, peace and so on, are all part of our energetic self. There is nothing physical about any of these things, yet we take it for granted that they are very much part of us. Whether on not you want to develop a better relationship with the divine or with yourself, energy healing can help. This kind of healing in a doctors office is often referred to as ‘adjuctive therapy’ and it consists forgiveness therapy, grief therapy, and other forms of emotional healing. They are now considered to be part of the over all healing process for many recoveries. It’s a proven fact that when cancer patients receive this kind of therapy, the chances of getting cancer again are significantly reduced, and their over all recovery from treatment is greatly enhanced. By removing trapped emotions and energies marriages are saved, relationships improve and the sense of overall peacefulness can be achieved. If the possibility of communicating with the Divine or God is desired, then we can help with that also. Removing energetic blockages from being able to pray, or meditate can be as easy as removing the energetic heart wall that has been built around it to protect if from further damage. While heart walls are very effective in protecting you, it can also keep out the good stuff life has to offer you.
  • Who can enjoy energy healing?
    Children and adults alike can enjoy this amazing healing modality! With children, a parent or legally responsible guardian must give permission for sessions. They do not need to be aware that the session is taking place, but if they can be involved, it can be very helpful when they can communicate their feelings before and after the sessions to help mark improvements. Even children in the womb can be helped this way. The only persons who energy healing is unlikely to help are those who decide it cannot help them or they don’t want the help. Children and adults who are able to make this decision are unlikely to enjoy it’s benefits. In Energy healing, energy has intelligence and so it can take direction. The decision to not allow what we do to help them will be honored by their own energy.

    Animals also are wonderful to watch as they see and feel the effect of their healing sessions. There are no instances that we know of that the creature that is receiving energy healing is not being helped. They love it and relief is often very fast and long lasting. We can help you with physical problems, and behavior problems and it can be helped in remote sessions just like everyone else.

Applied Kinesiology is Muscle Testing

Your subconscious is a super computer that knows everything about you and what you need to heal. You can learn to access that information on how and where energies are that need to be balanced, healed, loved, blessed, or recharged.


How it works

  • Where does the healing session happen?
    All Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki, Aura Personalities and Peer Support sessions are done via the internet or phone. (Sessions on the phone cannot include EFT since it requires you to be able to see your energy worker.) Energy communicates throughout the universe and a session done in person has exactly the same results as a remote session does. There is no need for the inconvenience of travel.
  • How does energy healing work?
    Magnetic energy is in us, around us and inside us. It keeps us on the ground, it provides balance, and it contains information. Just like your credit card’s magnetic strip, if you place it near a strong magnet, the magnet can strip the information from the card. When we do energy work, we use a healing magnet made for that purpose, or we can use the magnetic polarity that exists on our finger tips. Both work great.

    At the beginning of the session, ask our own subconscious to set aside it’s needs and feelings and then to connect with yours. This is done instantly. When we ask your energy (the subconsious mind) if there is an energy that is ready to be released, we use a paper or computer chart and intuition to determine what and were it is. If needed we find out what the underlying cause is and we can then clear that energy. That energy tends to move into the governing meridian and from there we can magneticly release the information from the governing meridian. Then it’s gone. Once we feel that the energy has resolved it’s imbalance, then we move on to the next, until your energy decides that the session is done.

  • Can I change my mind on what I want to work on?
    Of course you can. Energy Healing works on the whole you, not just your sore knee or lack of sleep. It’s about all of you and all your energy. Every session we talk about what you want to accomplish that day. If we intended to work on a sleep disorder, but you got in a traffic accident that week, then we work on the thing that is most pressing to you.
  • Is this counseling? Do I have to tell you anything about my life?
    No, to the question of counseling, and no, to the question of telling us about your life. When an energy is called up, if need to, we identify what year and sometimes the person who is involved when the energy was lodged. We ask you if you know what it was about so that you acknowledge it and then we remove it. There is no judgement, no rehashing every trauma or harsh memory in your life. It’s just gone. You retain your memories, but once fully processed and released they no longer cause emotional upheaval. There are no judgements, no confessions, and no long explanations are needed to release these energies. You acknowledge and we release them.
  • Can I learn to do some of my energy healing for myself?
    Absolutely. We encourage you learn coping skills and relaxation strategies you can do on your own. Learning Emotion CodeĀ® is free on line and so is learning EFT. Both of them are extremely beneficial to those who are dealing with stress and anxiety and we strongly encourage our PTSD clients to learn to do these for themselves.

Heart walls are real and can keep you from accepting love

When the walls go you know you feel that you need to be protected. The problem is that heart walls will protect you from the good stuff in life, as well as the bad. Taking down your heart wall opens you up to world of opportunity for love, joy, fulfillment, abundance and satisfaction in life.


What Can I Expect

  • How will I know this is working?
    It’s not unusual that people feel something like a chilly slight breeze around them as their energy changes. There is sometimes a ‘processing period’ that can be the feeling of being free, happy, peaceful. When energies of significant traumas are released people will sometimes experience irritability, fatigue, memories may float up. This usually only lasts about a day or two. Be good to yourself during this period. When the processing period is over, you keep your memories but without the emotional turmoil you once felt. Often new energies will ask for your attention and you will feel this in your own unique way. Just make another appointment and have those energies released. The spirit wants to feel loved and it will disclose it’s need to release non-loving energies when it finds a way to do that. We can teach you techniques like EFT and Emotion CodeĀ® that you can do on your own, if you should find yourself having anxiety attacks or feeling ‘triggered’ by little things. For the most part, physical issues usually start to resolve themselves quickly during your session depending on the situation.
  • How many session will I need?
    There is no way to know that. Often when a simple problem like a locked joint or over stressed shoulder is not healing, that can take one or two sessions. Some kinds of pain may disappear from the the first session, or it make take several to eliminate the pain and it’s causes altogether. Complicated issues like diabetes or autoimmune disorders like MS, fibromyalgia and arthritis take longer. PTSD clients can see differences in their feelings right away, but resolving all the issues of sleep, repeating memories and thoughts, anxiety attacks, emotions that are not attached to memories, and surprise triggers will depend largely on how many parts of the body and spirit are affected and how many kinds of energies are involved. Often, as soon as one issue gets resolved another will pop up that wants attention and so we work on that next.
  • I have so many things going on, where do we start?
    First, we look at where energies are manifesting themselves through pain or disease. We start every session deciding our intention for what we want to work on that day. If your family relationships are in chaos, but you are getting arthritis in your left hip, we start with your hip pain, and it usually leads us to some part of the reason why your family is having trouble. There are no coincidences in energy medicine. We always ask what is the primary concern for you and what you want to work on that day.
  • Any other features I should know about?
    Yes. We provide notes to you on every session. They get emailed to you soon after the session is over and we keep this record on our computer as well.

    You will also be happy to see that as you process out your imbalanced energies and trapped emotions, that your relationships and many parts of your life may improve. When you release your imbalanced energies, your attraction to the good things in life increases. Your ability to creatively solve problems quickly may increase and the feeling of peacefulness and happiness may be a fairly regular occurrence. People may respond differently to you, since your energy will be lighter, brighter and more lovable and desirable to be around. You may feel like you want to do something nice for yourself more often.

  • Any
    Not likely. as long as you understand that there is one source of power or intelligence in the universe, energy healing is going to act in harmony with your personal beliefs. Energy is a constant throughout the universe. Utilizing balance, or correcting inbalance between dark and light energies is what energy healing is all about.

Depression is part of many illnesses

Emotions are energetic in nature, but they have profound effects on the body. Chemical imbalances in the brain tend to send messages through an imbalanced combination of mood chemicals that trick the mind into believing that there is no hope. It can be and endless cycle of being debilitatingly sad for no reason, or good reasons. Wether you see a doctor and are on prescriptions or not, we can help you end the cycle of not having control of your emotions with energy medicine and it does not interfere with what you are doing now. Contact us and let us explain to you what we do and how it can bring light and choices back to your life.