Healing the Master’s Way

Healing the Master’s Way is to learn from the examples of Jesus Christ when he was healing during his ministry in earth during the days of the New Testament.

I’ll teach you what he taught in how to reverse the effect of damaging or dark words that cause all manner of affliction. You’ll learn how to use Christ’s healing words to overcome darkness in your life. I use easy to understand and important lessons from the New Testament about the use of words in our creation process and you will learn how to chose words to help you heal the way Christ healed.




Emotion Code®

Emotion Code® and Heart Wall Removal opens the doors to experiencing love more fully, and new positive experiences throughout your life. It can be taught easily for you to do for your children, yourself and with patience and practice, can change the way you deal with problems, improve your family life and all your relationships and the feelings you have about yourself. Let us teach you this mind-blowingly simple healing technique. Or, we can do it for you. Either way is very effective.

Body Code®

Body Code® is an extremely powerful tool to search deeply into the body and the spirit to determine exactly where trapped emotions, imbalanced energies and internal messages need to be balanced and healed. This amazing modality is extremely effective in helping people gain relief from about 90% of all the things that go wrong with the body and spirit. With Body Code, we can release almost any energy that harms the body, delays happiness and keeps you from knowing true health and happiness. You can experience relief from emotional issues such as grief, anger, depression, trauma and so much more.

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Reiki is an extremely gentle and comforting Japanese healing art. Far more gentle than massage, Reiki is a done on a massage table, or sitting up, but fully clothed and if you prefer, it can be done without touching anywhere on the body. You will likely feel the warmth of this amazing healing power that focuses a healing frequency. Reiki is a proven healing art that is excellent for reducing stress, encourage healing in the body and the spirit, reducing anxiety and pain. It is practiced in hospitals and nursing homes and spas in the US and around the world. This can be done in person or long distance. The effect is the same.

Peer Support Services

I am a certified Peer Support Specialist and is trained on methods and tools to help those who suffer from any form of mental or emotional illness. This session helps the client discover options what the they and their family desires in terms of personal support in their road to wellness. We talk about worth, processes, emotions and available services in their area that may be better utilized. We make suggestions, based on the information given us, on what healing modalities and professional services can best be used to speed recovery. We do not do counseling and this session may include other modalities we offer.

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Man doing EFT on the side of eye point. Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT as it is known is a tapping method which is proven successful in bringing anxiety and other emotional issues into balance. It works very quickly and is effective in reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, and stress down almost instantly. It can also be used to rescript beliefs that no longer serve your highest good, such as “I am no good…”, “Nobody loves me…”, “I wish I could die” and other such messages we tell ourselves. We use EFT in our Body Code and Emotion Code sessions as an additional tool to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony and balance. The effects of EFT are instantaneous.

Aura Personalities

Science has proven that we do in fact have an energetic multi-layer cocoon around us. It contains much information about us, who we are and what may be imbalanced, we can determine the color layers using applied kinesiology. These colored layers when determined in their order, will tell us about who we are, what we are best at, and how to best implement and appreciate our greatest talents and gifts. This session is for self-discovery. It is for those who find that their expectations of themselves are not being realized or they are confused about who they are, or don’t yet appreciate who they are. Much peace can be obtained through this session.

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